Converter RS232/422/485

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Loại sản phẩm: Thiết bị mạng wireless/wireline
  • Supports 1x Fiber and 1x RS485
  • Extend serial transmission distance up to 500m, 2km, 20km
  • Supports fiber port point to point (Figure 3)
  • Redundant dual power inputs (12/24/48VDC)
  • Protocol transparent. These products can be applied to the PROFIBUS, but also can be applied to other network using RS485 interface
  • CE, FCC, heavy industrial grade EMS, EMI, EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-4 certified
  • Supports relay output for power or link failure warning
  • Hardened housing with IP30 protection
  • Fanless and DIN-Rail design for harsh industrial environment

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